Figuras de la Mente

Figuras de la Mente

Figuras de la Mente

Solo show Salvador Herrera August - September 2020 At: Outsiders Gallery

Salvador explores and unfolds his inner universe through different media, namely animation, video, painting and illustration. He views the brain as an antenna whose channels of perception are extremely limited in their ability to understand all the information that the physical reality offers. This leaves an open spiral of investigation in the terrain of imagination and mysticism, magical thinking and dream landscapes. Herrera uses his tools of visual representation as an extension of the nervous system to explore these realms.

His current exhibition, Figuras de la Mente (Figures of the Mind) places Psyche under the microscope and journeys through the Artist’s history in relation to this important and ancient psychological symbol. 

Psyche has long been understood as the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious and is ever present throughout Salvador’s works. In his hallucinations filled with infinite architecture, howling beings, cavorting creatures and intangible learnings, Psyche wanders through acting as witness to these strange happenings not only on behalf of the artist but also as the ambassador of the collective soul. Contrary to traditional representations of the famous symbol,  in Herrera’s work Psyche doesn’t provide the viewer with palatable, easy insight and tangible advice as you might expect, instead it spits and screams, shrieks and squawks, leaving the viewer to listen to their inner reptile as the only way to try to make sense of this new dimension.



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