Our mission is to incubate and elevate the pioneers of Outsider, Surrealist, Abstract and Psychedelic art from across the globe.

Founded in 2019 by Mexican Visual Artist Salvador Herrera and UK Music Producer Ruth Fehilly, Outsiders Gallery occupies space in both the virtual and physical realities. 

The Mexico site, complete with outdoor courtyard and resident dog, is a vibrant cultural centre showcasing cutting-edge artistic talent amidst a programme of progressive events for the curious and conscious. A distinctively artist-led project, the gallery champions uninhibited creative freedom that challenges conventions of the mind, making it a refuge for artists working at the boundaries between worlds. 

For all those who share the impulse to look beyond, Outsiders Gallery welcomes you.


Outsiders Gallery is the brainchild of creative couple Salvador Herrera and Ruth Fehilly, who married in 2019 after meeting in Mexico City.

Salvador Herrera is a Visual Artist from Mexico working across digital and traditional illustration, painting, sculpture, animation and video. Using this range of mediums, which he views as extensions of the nervous system itself, Salvador explores and unfolds his inner universe; creating portals – invitations – into the psychedelic realms. He has gained international renown after exhibiting worldwide from Tokyo, Cape Town and Sydney to Berlin, Buenos Aires, London and LA. 

Ruth Fehilly is a UK-born DJ, Producer, Musician and former Record Label Manager paying particular attention to the intersection between environment, community and technology. She considers how we can forge a more creative, sustainable and equitable global future.

Keen to carve out an alternative gallery model fit for a truly brave new world, Ruth and Salva constantly seek new ways to explore art across the Virtual and Physical worlds and bring it to a modern and diverse audience. Conversely, they also share a deep fascination with ancient, traditional and artisanal art and have made it their mission to bring this under the banner of Fine Art, often curating significant collaborations of the hyper modern with timeless works.

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